We are honored to be reviewed by these top tea blogs. Please click on the links to view their blogs and take a look around.

Buddha Mom Tea


"Teaprints, check them out! This small and wonderful line of tea apparel is as important as the teapot itself! Other than internet socializing many of us have no other way to recognize fellow tea-heads, and that is a problem! Tea is a lovely solitary thing to do but sharing tea with like-minded fans of the good stuff?..." (click here to read more)



CuppaGeek with Teaprints Tea Rex T-Shirt

"Looking for a unique tea related item for that tea lover in your life, check this site out.  TeaPrints offers quality t-shirts with fun sayings on them that any tea lover would enjoy." (click here to read more)

CuppaGeek is written by Nichole Spence where she reviews all things geek. As she says, "If you like a cuppa tea and know what a Boomstick is, you are in the right place." Click here for her about page.


I Heart Teas The Blog:

 I Heart Teas the Blog - Rachel

"Hmmm, how does one select a tea that would pair well with the Tea Rex shirt from Teaprints?" Click here for her about page. 


My Thoughts Are Like Butterflies: 

"So I was filled with undiluted glee when Teaprints contacted me to review one of their tea themed shirts...especially when I saw that one of their designs had a Tyrannosaurus Rex drinking tea!!" (click here to read more)

My Thoughts Are Like Butterflies is written by Amanda Wilson and she reviews tea and discusses geekery and art. Click here for her about page.


Notes On Tea: 

Notes On Tea Review of Teaprints T-Shirt

"Teaprints is the first item of tea-related clothing I own. I chose the "Keep Calm and Gaiwan On" print..." (click here to read more)

Notes On Tea is written by Georgia who is a tea drinker with a sweet tooth. Click here for her about page.


Printcess the Blog and Living a Goddess Life:

Printcess the Blog - Beth

"Loving my Teaprints Tea Rex shirt!"  (click here to see her Instagram post). Beth is actually a Teaprints giveaway winner. Since she was so nice to post a photo of herself in our Tea Rex T-shirt we would like you to check out her blog - Printcess the Blog and Living A Goddess Life.


T Ching:

     T Ching - James Rubly    T Ching - Connor Adlam

T Ching's mission is to nurture a community of tea lovers by providing a forum for the exchange of information, thoughts, and experiences.

T Ching Video Review of Teaprints T-Shirts

Click the above image to see their video review of our Tea Rex Teaprints T-Shirt or click here. Also, click here for T Ching's about page.


 Tea For Me Please:

"Over the years I have been asked to review everything from tea (the obvious choice) to books, music cd's, and even pillows. In seven years of tea blogging this is the very first time that I was offered a t-shirt. Teaprints has quite a lot of nifty designs to choose from but I picked "Keep Calm and Gaiwan On"....(click here to read more)

Tea For Me Please is written by Nicole and who reviews teas and puts out a free quarterly journal that you can sign up for on her website. Click here to see her about page.

"Is that not the cutest thing ever?...Any of these would make terrific gifts for the tea lover in your life. If you are intimidated by having to pick a size go with a tote bag. I know I can never seem to have enough of those."... (click here to read more)

Tea Minded

"I’m really excited to have recently discovered TEAPRINTS.  I mean, how can you not possibly not love a t-shirts design that proudly displays: “KEEP CALM and GAIWAN ON” – brilliant!  And, a great way to strike up a “tea-conversation” when out in the wild." ... (click here to read more)