Weekly Tea Favorites - September 2, 2016

Weekly Tea Favorites

Weekly Tea Favorites - September 2, 2016

Here are this week's "Weekly Tea Favorites". Enjoy!

  • Making Thai Iced Tea From Scratch: T Ching shares this delicious looking recipe to make Thai iced tea!
  • Announcing Tea-spiration: Lu Ann of The Cup of Life wrote her first book! Her blog posts states, "I wanted to write a book that just simply celebrated many of the feelings and moments that tea provides us. Feelings and moments that may be missed or hidden from others." She is taking pre-orders for her new book now.
  • What Are Tea Pets?: Nicole Martin from Tea For Me Please has a great podcast on tea pets. Check it out!
  • Summer Time Tea Montage: Geoff of Steep Stories of the Lazy Literatus shares an entertaining post that wraps up his tea summer. I love it!

Until next time, I hope you have a whole lot of tea!

Raising my cup to you,


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