Best Iced Tea Mix-Ins

Best Iced Tea Mix-Ins

Best Iced Tea Mix-Ins

It's iced tea time! At TeaPrints we love iced tea. Not only is it a tasty way to stay hydrated, but it also helps to ward off soda cravings and is a better beverage choice than sugar-filled fruit drinks, shakes, or soda pop. Iced tea is the perfectly healthy warm weather drink. Below I have listed my favorite iced tea pairings:

  • Slice of orange & sprig of mint with oolong tea
  • Mint & cucumber with green tea
  • Pitted cherries & stawberries with black tea
  • Mango & ginger with oolong tea
  • Peaches & blueberries with black tea
  • Peach & rosemary with black tea
  • Apple & spearmint with black tea
  • Grapefruit & strawberries with green tea
  • Pineapple & strawberries with green tea
  • Lemon & blueberries with black tea

To make such delicious pairings, simply make iced tea then fill several clean mason jars with iced tea leaving an inch head space. Next, place cleaned & washed fruit (make sure fruit is not overly ripe or it will turn the iced tea cloudy) and/or herbs in the mason jar. Secure lid on jar and place in the refrigerator. These are great grab & go refreshments to take along with you to work, while running errands, or watching your kids' sports. 

For a fun party treat, place prepared iced tea & fruit mason jars with lids on them in a tub of ice for a pretty and practical beverage choice.

I hope you enjoy these iced tea mix-ins as much as I do!

Raising my cup to you,


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