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Top Tea Blogs

Tea is a wonderful world of discovery! There are so many different kinds of tea and one tea-rrific way to learn about tea is by reading tea blogs. There are many tea bloggers out there working hard to bring tea news, tea information, and to share their tea tasting sessions with us. I subscribe to many tea blogs and have enjoyed every single one. Below is a list of my favorite blogs (in alphabetical order):

An International Tea Moment

Books and Tea

Buddha Mom Tea Blog


iHeart Teas - The Blog

My Japanese Green Tea

My Thoughts Are Like Butterflies

Notes OnTea

Oh How Civilized

Oolong Owl

Scandalous Tea

Steep Stories of the Lazy Literatus

 T Ching

Talking Tea

Tea For Me Please

Tea Guy

Tea Guy Speaks

Tea Happiness

Tea Minded

Teaspoons & Petals

The Cup of Life

The Devotea

World of Tea

 Please check out these wonderful tea blogs and I would love it if you would share any that you love that I haven't listed below in the comments. Thanks!

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  • martin

    great list, perhaps you could do another writeup on matcha tea blogs?

  • Kettletop

    Best Tea collections. Could you also have a look at kettletop

  • scott

    Great round-up! Thanks for the inclusion. Such a great community!

  • Collin Davis

    Hi Nichole,

    Awesome list of tea blogs :) Could you also have a look at and see if you could add it to the list. Thanks!

  • TeaMoment

    Thanks so much for including An International Tea Moment on your list! This is such a rich community of experience, story-tellers and teachers. I feel honored to be a part of this group!

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