Tea Minded Talking Tea

Tea Minded Talking Tea

Recently I was honored to have Scott Anderson of Tea Minded review one of our t-shirts and do a Q&A on TeaPrints. I sent him the "Keep Calm and Gaiwan On" shirt which was his favorite, and he asked to do a more in-depth review of TeaPrints, our origin story, and what we have in store for the future. You can view his entire review and Q&A here.

Tea Minded is a tea blog featuring tasting notes and reviews, observations on tea culture, industry news and other tea-related fodder. At its core, Tea Minded is all about sharing in the tea culture and building a Community of tea enthusiasts from all walks of life.

They believe in:

~ Bringing people together with tea.
~ Simplicity in a world of more.
~ Tea as a way of life – and living this life “on purpose.”

They especially enjoy the rich history, rituals and traditions associated with tea…and how it slows us down and forces us to pay attention and be in the moment. (taken from their "About" page)

They have great articles including "How To Guides", "Tea Recipes", "Health and Wellness", and "Tea Reviews". My favorite article right now is "A Guide to Electric Teapots and Kettles" because my kettle is slowly dying. I hope you take the time to click the link below and enjoy Tea Minded's awesome blog!


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