How I Quit Diet Soda

How I Quit Diet Soda

As tea drinkers, we all know that tea is not just a beverage - it is an experience. It soothes, calms, and can energize all at the same time. It brings back fond memories and helps to create new ones with friends and families. Unfortunately, for 20 years I was not just a tea drinker, but a Diet Soda addict. I tried to kick the habit many times during my adult life but would always go back to it. As you may know, Diet Soda contains aspartame which is a poisonous neurotoxin. It is promoted to help you lose weight but has been proven to actually make you gain weight.

Even though I have been a tea drinker all of my life, I mostly just drank hot tea. I never gave iced tea a chance. So, when I tried, once again, to kick my Diet Soda addiction, I decided to do something different. I replaced my Diet Soda with iced tea! I found that iced tea made from the bagged teabags I bought at the local grocery store just didn't do it for me. I needed quality, loose leaf iced tea if I was going to get rid of this addiction that had a hold of me. Well, I am happy to say, that it worked! Now, instead of reaching for soda pop, I pour a nice, cool glass of iced tea. MUCH healthier. BETTER tasting!

If you or someone you know drinks the poison that Diet Soda is, encourage them to replace it with iced tea made with quality, loose leaf tea. I keep a pitcher of it in the refrigerator at all times. I prefer to use my Takeya Iced Tea Maker because it has an included infuser that allows for the expansion of my loose leaf teas. Plus, with the flash chill method, I can have iced tea as quickly as brewing a cup of tea.

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This post originally posted by Rosanne Muncy for Tealated in February, 2015.

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