Tea On the Go

Tea to Go

Tea On the Go

I love my tea, so naturally I want to bring it with me when I am on the go. An easy way to do this is to pack your own favorite loose tea in DIY teabags. You need:

  • a tin of some sort (I show 2 different kinds above)
  • your favorite loose tea
  • Finum Tea filters (you can get these on Amazon)
  • a scoop or spoon
  • optional tea additions

Today I am craving Wu Yi Oolong, so I am scooping the appropriate amount amount into each tea bag, folding over the top of the tea bag so the tea doesn't escape, and then placing the tea bags into my tin. I show two different kinds of tins above, but I like using the old Altoids' tin. I always have plenty of these because I am an Altoid lover as well as a tea lover, but you can use any type of tin you have handy.

I prefer my teas unflavored, but you can add fun extras like dried lemon peel, honey sticks, cinnamon stick, etc. to your tin to flavor your tea. Slip your tin into your pocket, purse or satchel and you are ready. Just add hot water!

Raising my cup to you,


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