Weekly Tea Favorites - June 10, 2016

Weekly Tea Favorites

Weekly Tea Favorites - June 10, 2016

I hope you enjoy this week's tea favorites:

Tea, Pride, Mystery: For One Family That Fled the Nazis, A Tin Canister Held It All: This is a heartwarming story about a tea tin that held one family's history and more by NPR

Apple Spiced Iced Tea Recipe: A deliciously refreshing iced tea recipe to help beat the heat by TeaPrints. :)

 Top 10 Tea Towns: World Best Cities to Experience Tea Culture:  TChing put together a wonderful list of the top 10 tea towns to experience tea culture that includes a town near my childhood home in Morocco and beautiful photos.

Wild for Tea T-Shirt: Our "Wild for Tea" t-shirt shows the world exactly where your passion is!

How To Eat A Scone Properly: A beautiful post by Oh How Civilized on how to eat a scone properly.

Have a great weekend filled with delicious tea!

Raising my cup to you,


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