Weekly Tea Favorites - June 3, 2016

TeaPrints Weekly Tea Favorites

Weekly Tea Favorites - June 3, 2016

Here are this week's tea favorites. Enjoy!

7 Clues You Have a Tea Buying Problem: This fun list by Nicole of Tea For Me Please is perfect for tea nerds like you and me.

Keep Calm and Gaiwan On: Geoffrey Norman, a.k.a. The Lazy Literatus, of Steep Stories does a fantastic job writing about the history of the "Keep Calm" saying and modeling our t-shirt. He does the bashful pose, sassy pose, socality pose, and the "tea gun for hire" pose. I love his writing style and I am sure you will too. Photos by Robert Norman.

Geoffrey Norman of steepstories.com. Photo by Robert Norman.

 A Guide to Darjeeling Tea: This is a very informative post by Scott at TeaMinded.

Never At A Loss For Words: Tea Journey Magazine was fully funded and Dan Bolton is at a loss for words! We are proud to have helped fund this groundbreaking and beautiful tea magazine.

How Awesome!?: This is an awesome post and photo of UNYteaguy who does tea reviews and info on Tumblr. Love his photos - beautiful tea porn!

Jeff Best Cleary - UNYteaguy

6 Ways Tea Can Change Your Mood (Ring): Lists different teas to drink to change your mood. Written for the kitchn.

Tea Bag Wreath: An awesome tutorial on how to make a fun display for your tea bags by The Girl Creative.

Beautiful Publication Celebrates the Traditional Japanese Tea Culture: Creative Boom's shows us a sneak peek at the beautiful book by Masaomi Fujita about Japanese Tea Culture.

 I hope you enjoy these articles as much as we did. Have a great weekend!

Raising my cup to you,


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