Weekly Tea Favorites - May 20, 2016

Weekly Tea Favorites - May 20, 2016

Weekly Tea Favorites - May 20, 2016

Here are our weekly tea favorites. Enjoy!

5 Things You Should Know About Matcha: This is a great article about matcha by Nicole at Tea For Me Please.

3 Signs Your Tea Party Was a Big Success: To ensure a successful tea party, read this helpful article by World is a Tea Party.

Life is Better With Tea Tote: I love totes! They help me to be organized and be green when I go to the store. This tote is sold by us - TeaPrints.

These Teas Will Make You Leave Coffee for Good: If you need a list of teas to help convert your coffee loving friends to tea, this list by CN Traveler is perfect. 

Pu-erh Paper: This is a very interesting and informative article about the paper that wraps pu-erh tea by Fresh Cup Magazine.

10 Best English Lit Books to Read While Drinking Tea: T Ching's article is my favorite article this week since I have my B.A. in Comparative Literature. It has inspired me to re-read some old favorites while sipping a cuppa.

Have a great weekend enjoying tea.

Raising my cup to you,


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