10 Best Tea of the Month Clubs

Best Tea of the Month Clubs

10 Best Tea of the Month Clubs

Even though I have a tea cupboard stocked to the brim with tea, I still enjoy subscribing to several Tea of the Month Clubs. It is a fun way to be introduced to new teas! Plus, it guarantees that I have a tea to suit any guest that visits our home. Below, please find my favorite tea of the month clubs. I would love it if you shared your favorites below in the comments too!

  • Global Tea Hut: This comes with a wonderful magazine, tea sample, and small gift.
  • White2Tea Club: Unique tea samples and offers each month.
  • Plum Deluxe: 1 - 2 oz. of the organic tea of the month plus an additional sample of tea. Includes membership to private facebook group.
  • Tealet: Two month supply of tea, personalized stories of each grower, and online video content for each tea.
  • Art of Tea: Choice of different types of tea delivered each month.
  • Yunnan Sourcing: A choice of type of tea and three different teas included each month.
  • Rosali Tea: Customize to your tea drinking.
  • Par Avion: Receive 4 oz. of loose leaf tea every month. 
  • 52 Teas: They create a new tea each week. When you subscribe, you receive a 1/2 oz. sample of each tea for the following month.
  • Amoda Tea: Comes with tea recipes, tea filters, and four teas.

There are many more wonderful tea clubs out there. Please let me know what I missed!

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  • Jeff

    You missed teaofthemonthclub.com. The oldest and original tea of the month club on the internet. Thanks

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