Weekly Tea Favorites - May 6, 2016

Weekly Tea Favorites - May 6, 2016


Here are this week's "Weekly Tea Favorites". Enjoy!

How to Make Tea (When You're Not At Home): The Daily Tea posted this great article on how to travel with tea.

 "Thanks Mom" Tea Party: The World is a Tea Party E-Zine gives great ideas to thank Mom with a tea party.

TeaPrints Gift Card: It's not to late to give the gift of choice for Mother's Day!

Make Your Own Heirloom Recipe Tea Towel: Thestar.com gives this tutorial on how to make a diy heirloom recipe tea towel. Could be a great gift for Mother's Day!

Gongfoolery: Of Lids and Green Tea: Amanda  from My Thoughts Are Like Butterflies" discusses the difference between brewing green tea with or without a lid in a gaiwan.

7 Reasons to Try Matcha: Teapigs gives 7 reasons why you should board the matcha train.

Please share your favorite tea posts in the comments below. Have a Happy Mother's Day!

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