10 Best Mother's Day Gifts

Ten Best Mother's Day Gifts

10 Best Mother's Day Gifts

Mother's Day is coming this Sunday! As a mother of nine children, I absolutely LOVE Mother's Day. It is so much fun to see what kind of surprises my family has for me. Here's a list of some great Mother's Day gift ideas for anyone who needs a great idea or for those that are more challenged in the gift-giving department, like my hubby:

  1. Make mom her favorite dinner & dessert (I like chocolate covered strawberries)
  2. TeaPrints Gift Card
  3. Mother's ring with birthstones of her children
  4. Family portrait on canvas
  5. Tea of the Month Subscription to her favorite tea company
  6. Box of chocolate, flowers, & a bottle of wine
  7. Weekend trip to the Bahamas (I can dream, can't I?)
  8. Gift certificate for a massage
  9. Organic soap, lotion, & lip balm
  10. Gift card for a dinner date, to her favorite clothing store, or tea shop

As long as you remember mom with a thoughtful and loving gift or do something for her to make her life easier, she will be happy.  Besides, she already has the best gift of all - your love!

Raising my cup to you,



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