Easter Afternoon Tea Ideas

Happy Easter

Easter Afternoon Tea Ideas

This Sunday is Easter! Easter is a wonderful time to have an afternoon tea party! Some families eat Easter dinner around noon or 1:00 p.m., so a late afternoon tea party is perfect. Here are some of our favorite Easter tea party ideas:

  • Table Decorations: Dress your table in a pretty floral tablecloth or a solid pastel color that matches your dinneware. Potted flowers, colored eggs, flowers in pretty teacups, or a cake stand with green Easter grass and colored eggs or flowers.
  • Tableware: Use your prettiest dishes, flatware, and tea set.
  • Tea Sandwiches: Several kinds of tea sandwiches such as ham (use leftovers from noon meal), egg salad, cucumber, salmon & dill, and cream cheese & peppers.
  • Tea Sweets: Your favorite scones can be frozen ahead of time and brought out for Easter tea. Biscuits, cupcakes, shortbread, or cookies are always delicious. Also, our Lemon Madeleines recipe can be found here.
  • Jams & Curds: Berry jams and lemon curd.
  • Milk & Sugar: Make sure the milk & sugar are on the table ready to use.
  • Tea: Provide a variety of teas for your guests. Our favorite Easter teas are Earl Grey, English Breakfast Tea, Black Tea, Chamomile Tea, and Moroccan Mint Tea. Provide iced teas as well for your guests. Our favorite iced teas are black iced tea and peach iced tea.
  • Music: Play any music that your guests will enjoy!

Afternoon Easter Tea is a refreshing way to enjoy your friends and family. Make it easy on yourself and do as many of the preparations as you can in advance. You can keep it as formal or as casual as you would like. The important thing is to share some tea with loved ones.

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